JOE GANTZ (Director/Producer) HARRY GANTZ (Co-Director/Producer)

AMERICAN WINTER is produced and directed by Joe and Harry Gantz, the Emmy® Award-winning producers behind the production company View Film.  Their work has been both critically and commercially acclaimed for its exploration of the most intimate aspects of people's lives and relationships. The Gantz Brothers are the creators of the HBO documentary series "Taxicab Confessions", now in its sixteenth season. This popular and highly rated show featuring real-life interactions between cab drivers and their passengers won an Emmy in its first year and has been Emmy-nominated three times.


Recently, Joe and Harry Gantz were Executive Producers of the CBS drama series "The Defenders" starring Jim Belushi, based on a documentary pilot they created about the lives of two Las Vegas defense attorneys and the cases they defend. In addition to their most recent work on HBO and CBS, they have produced critically acclaimed documentary series for Showtime and The Sundance Channel, and for Channels 4 and 5 in the UK. They most recently completed a documentary film entitled "Destination: Change Our World" for Amnesty International.


Over the course of their filmmaking career, the Gantz Brothers have attracted a loyal following around the globe, beginning with their first feature documentary "Couples Arguing". This film showed couples in the midst of actual arguments filmed in progress in their own homes. It was broadcast in the U.S and around the world, and was honored at the Edinburgh Television Festival.


Prior to founding View Film with his brother, Harry Gantz was an actor involved in New York City's experimental theater scene. Joe Gantz is also a photographer and writer. He is the author of Whose Child Cries, a non-fiction book on the first generation of children growing up in openly gay homes, which was published in 1984, and his photography has been exhibited at major museums around the world, including the Georges Pompidou Center in Paris and the Vienna Museum of Modern Art. His book of photographs, Tenderness (Nicolai Press), portrays couples sharing their most intimate and tender moments.


Aaron Butler (Editor/Co-Producer)

Aaron Butler is Editor and Co-Producer of AMERICAN WINTER.  Aaron is an award-winning editor with credits including the hit HBO series “Taxicab Confessions”, the critically acclaimed Sundance Channel series “Pleasure for Sale'”, and the Emmy-nominated documentary series “The Rise and Fall of Jim Crow”.  He has also edited television and film projects for FOX, A&E, IFC, Discovery Channel, MTV, PBS and Showtime.


Devon Terrill (Co-Producer)

Devon Terrill is a producer who has collaborated with the Gantz Brothers on a number of projects including HBO's "Taxicab Confessions", the Showtime documentary series "Sexual Healing" and the six-part series "Pleasure for Sale" for The Sundance Channel and Channel 5 in the UK.  In addition, she directed and produced the award-winning feature documentary film "GORK!", and worked with the Gantz Brothers to produce the documentary "Destination: Change Our World" for Amnesty International. She has worked for the past two years with Joe and Harry to develop and produce AMERICAN WINTER as the film’s Co-Producer.