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"Using a mix of hard facts and personal stories, American Winter is too compelling to ignore."  -  Indiewire 

"Wrenching" - Washington Post 

"Finally, a movie has arrived that shows the precariousness of the US economy for the majority of Americans, refusing to distinguish between a deserving and non-deserving poor" - Greg Kaufman, The Nation

“...A very vivid snapshot of what life was like for many formerly middle-class families. Families that, amid the deepest valley of the economic downturn, were having trouble keeping it all together." - APM's Marketplace 

"Powerful and timely" - NBC's In Plain Sight 

"A thoughtful and confrontational exploration of poverty" - Daily Kos 


In the two year process of making American Winter we discovered that there seemed to be two separate countries within America --one that is struggling day to day to pay for their electricity, heat, rent, and food, and the other that is doing well and is not tuned into those who are suffering right among them.  In America the recession is over, and U.S. corporations and Wall Street are doing better than ever.  Yet 46% of this country is living in poverty, or near poverty, and today we have the highest number of poor since we began keeping records...



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